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          An industry portal dedicated to Home Furnishing Textiles, Home Furnishing Textiles is an association of manufacturers and exporters of home furnishing exporters, cushion cover, curtains, carpets and durries, table linen and placemats from India

          Home Furnishing Textiles And made-Ups

          Sell Across India through Dealers / Distributors

          Visit Vanik.Com

          What You Get Here

          Reliable Manufacturers and Exporters Of Handloom Textiles, Bed Linen, Curtains, Carpets

          Wide Reach

          Home Furnishing Textiles represents an association of over 2500 home furnishing exporters , home textiles manufacturers , cushion cover suppliers, curtains wholesalers, carpets and durries exporters, table linen and placemats manufacturers etc.

          Reliable Suppliers

          Each member of the group is a verified manufacturer/exporter of Home Furnishing Textiles - registered with Directorate General Foreign Trade (DGFT), India.

          Direct Deals - No Middleman

          All transactions are direct between buyers and actual sellers, ensuring lowest transaction cost and time. No middleman is involved anywhere in the chain.

          Send Enquiry

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